Transcribed (and mildly edited) Journal of a Five Year Old SuperFrog

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A couple new journal entries...

Wednesday, Jan 27

I played Hide and Seek with the plushie dogs and they're Smoochie Poochie Puppies. Woof Woof! And we did a jigsaw puzzle that was WallE and EVE. They are friends and help each other. So we played outside on an adventure. I stomped in the mud and one was really REALLY deep. I made footprints. We had a race. That's how we ran.

Thursday, Jan 28

One day, this happened: I watched Backyardigans. I watched three titles on it. But, I got one magazine in Spanish. Oh, and wait! First, I watched Mighty Knights and then Ping Pong Bandits and the last was Garbage Trash. And then this happened: we caught the bus and went to the store.

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