Transcribed (and mildly edited) Journal of a Five Year Old SuperFrog

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jeremiah and Jamie and Caleb Went to Town

Today we went to the store to get magnets, and Wall-E puzzles too. And I hid magnets tonight, and two oranges. I saw broken glass on the street when we were walking home and electricity and the moon and birds. The birds were flying and taking a ride on the wind. And this happened: when I looked at the tree the wind blew them. I stomped in puddles. We went to the bakery and I had a treat. And I saw a fire hydrant.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Adventures of Sprinkler Boy

(the props for this story involve a piece from Daddy's GPS, and a stuffed frog. The setting is the top and underside of Daddy's desk, his computer, and a LAN cable)

Once upon a time, there was a boy sitting in his chair, and there was a sprinkler that was off. It took a long day for it to sprout and this happened: grown-ups and kids were coming, and they saw the sprinkler not running. They said, "Look, a sprinkler is not running!" They had an idea. They got all their hoses from their homes and got back to the poor sprinkler that was not running. They put all their hoses to the sprinkler, and turned them on. And the sprinkler was running!

They put up another party. A sprinkler party. They danced to the music, and then the sprinkler saw a pool. He used his water to call his friends. They jumped into the pool! They saw nothing in it. No water. The sprinkler had an idea. He used his water to fill the pool, and he did it faster and faster until there was enough water in the pool. And then the people turned all the hoses off from their homes. And the sprinkler stopped. And he jumped it! The sprinkler swam with his friends. And he walked in the pool.

And they lived happily ever after.

But there was one more tree in the city. Soon, they had enough splashing and Sprinkler Boy showed them how to empty the pool. Soon, all the water has drained out. The Sprinkler Boy had an idea for the last tree. He went for a walk with his friends. They walked a long time. They walked into a forest and saw a building. Then, they saw the rest of the forest. It was a very deep, spooky one. There was a log close to them and Sprinkler Boy was going too close. Then he tripped! Then he got back on his feet.

And the reward was that he flies away, way up, where the forest can't get him. But he ran out of flying skill so he fell back in the forest where his friends were. And they went back for a walk. They saw a hole in the ground, and then Sprinkler Boy fell in, and he went like, "ARRRGHH!"

And his friends called to him, "Are you alright, Sprinkler Boy?"

He said, "Yeah, I'm ok."

His friends jumped down, and they saw a trap door. They went in and saw a bigger hole. But it was not a hole, it was a cliff! Then Sprinkler Boy took the elevator. And then his friends came, and they went down the elevator too. But a face surprised them. It was Sprinkler Boy! And he said to his friends, "My name is Sprinkler Boy." They rode the elevator together.

They jumped, and they landed on a bridge, and they all walked for a long time, and took another bridge. And then Sprinkler met his friend Frog.

He said, "My friends and I were talking a walk in the scary woods."

"Uh-huh, scary woods!" Said Frog.

He gave Sprinkler a hug and they were so scared that they went back home. Sprinkler showed the way. And they were on a flat tower, and they jumped in the air!! All the trouble for Sprinkler -- he just fell! The boy found him behind Daddy's desk, and the boy grabbed him.

Frog, and Sprinkler and his friends lived happily ever after.

The End.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Block Story

(a story related to me while Jeremiah played with a set of large blocks we had just finished making -- may lose something without the props. ^_^)

Once upon a time, there was a town, and a boy was sitting on a chair, and a spaceship was in the air heading for the town and men came out and threw their ship and it didn't break at all. And then, this happened: one man broke the fish off, and another broke the other part, and another one broke the piece off. And they took off the last piece.

All the people came out and their town was gone. And the men took off, and the people saw their town on the other side and it was broken! The men blasted back. They opened the door with the words on it. They all got out, and they saw the people worried about their town.

They used their ship to move the town back and fix it. They blasted one piece back on the top and they were hammering, wrenching and sawing. And screw-drivering. And there was one more piece left. And they carried it back on their ship. They put the finishing touch on top.

Then this happened: They lived happily ever after and put up a party. Peace and love and playing.

The End.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Adventure in the Park

Monday, Jan 18
First, I watched LeapFrog. I stomped in a puddle. I jumped in it first. And then I grabbed a stick, and then I threw stones in the mud. And then, I was all muddy. So, I grabbed another stick and this happened. I took a bath first, and then I ate Macaroni and Cheese. I said 'Hi' to people.

Today I Heard:
Birds, a vroomy car

Today I Saw:
Caleb swinging on a swing, birds