Transcribed (and mildly edited) Journal of a Five Year Old SuperFrog

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Block Story

(a story related to me while Jeremiah played with a set of large blocks we had just finished making -- may lose something without the props. ^_^)

Once upon a time, there was a town, and a boy was sitting on a chair, and a spaceship was in the air heading for the town and men came out and threw their ship and it didn't break at all. And then, this happened: one man broke the fish off, and another broke the other part, and another one broke the piece off. And they took off the last piece.

All the people came out and their town was gone. And the men took off, and the people saw their town on the other side and it was broken! The men blasted back. They opened the door with the words on it. They all got out, and they saw the people worried about their town.

They used their ship to move the town back and fix it. They blasted one piece back on the top and they were hammering, wrenching and sawing. And screw-drivering. And there was one more piece left. And they carried it back on their ship. They put the finishing touch on top.

Then this happened: They lived happily ever after and put up a party. Peace and love and playing.

The End.

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